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Drip Irrigation Systems

Drip irrigation provides numerous benefits to the homeowner.  Simple drip watering systems can be traced back to ancient times where clay pots filled with water were buried and would deliver a controlled amount of water over a period of time.  There are many modern drip systems and approaches available today that the homeowner can choose from.

  • Application efficiency.  Water is delivered to precise, selected locations.  Any and every location that needs water can be accommodated.  Drip irrigation tubing can be routed directly and efficiently to any area.
  • Volume efficiency.  Controlled amounts of water are delivered to your plants.  You are able to fine tune the amounts of water sent to your plants much more accurately than with hand or traditional water irrigation systems.
  • Minimal waste.  One of the biggest concerns when watering your plants is minimizing waste due to evaporation.  Drip irrigation systems avoid this problem by delivering water close to roots instead of being sprayed onto plants leaving water exposed and prone to rapid evaporation.
  • Low maintenance.  Properly installed drip irrigation systems require little maintenance.
  • Reasonable upfront cost.  There are various drip options for the homeowner.  There is much satisfaction when doing it yourself and installing your own irrigation system.  There are also many qualified professional installers who can provide a range of services.

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