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While xeriscape landscaping is an extremely rewarding methodology, it is simply one of many things we all need to practice in order to extend our Earth's valuable resources.

Take the time to survey your property for water leaks.  Simply giving your water faucettes a firm twist when turning off the water helps to assure that you are not leaving a small trickle.

Color dye tablets can be dropped into toilet tanks to detect slow leaks.  These tablets are often provided by your municipal water utility.

While this next method is very successful in detecting leaks, it does require getting a little down and dirty.  This test requires you to get access to your water meter such that you can see the actual meter usage.  Water meters are often burried in the ground under a heavy access panel or covered by a heavy concrete protective cover.  You should plan to do this test when you do not need water for a period of time.  Start by turning off all water sources.  Then record the current meter reading.  Wait as long as is practical (the longer the better), then check the meter again.  Ideally, the meter reading will not have increased.  If the meter has increased, you have a leak.

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