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One approach to owning a xeriscape themed landscape is to hire a professional landscaper.  If you take this approach, you should interview several landscapers and check out their references.  Focus on successful gardens that they have designed that have thrived over a period of at least a year.  It is important that landscapes are able to tolerate the change of seasons.  Almost any landscape will look wonderful immediately after being turned over to the homeowner.  The longer the garden has been established, the more confident you can be that it was designed appropriately.

The alternative to professional landscapers is to do it yourself.  Homeowners can build their own successful xeriscape themed garden and have the pride of ownership in being able to say that they did it themselves.

  • Planning and Design
    Plan and design your own xeriscape landscape. It's easier than you think!
  • Preparation
    As you probably already know, proper planning is the first step. Do not start until you have a plan.
  • Plant Selection
    There are many beautiful plants with varying low water needs. Start here in your search for the perfect balance of xeriscape plants.
  • Mulching
    Proper mulching is one of the important features of a successful xeriscape landscape.
  • Irrigation
    Yes, your xeriscape based garden does need irrigation!
  • Maintenance
    Proper maintenace will keep your xeriscape landscape thriving year after year.

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