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Conserving for our future

"Building a

Xeros: Greek for dry

charity: water

1.1 billion don't have clean water

The charity: water organization was founded by Scott Harrison.  Three years ago, on his 29th birthday, he wanted to make a difference.   Instead of receiving birthday presents, he instead asked people to bring $20 to donate to a fresh water well project.


One is six people do not have access to one of life's most basic necessities.  Clean drinking water.  We all take fresh water for granted.  We have access to water anywhere and any time.  Turn on the tap, carry that water bottle or pick up a bottle of designer water at the nearest convenience store.

Instead, imagine what one is six people have to experience.  Dirty, disease ridden ponds are a way of life for 1.1 billion people.  You would never think about drinking brown, dirty water.  But what if that is all you have access to?  Image the desperation to have to drink the only water that you have access to that you know will make you sick?


Today, the charity: water organization is a growing non-profit organization facilitating the building of fresh water wells in developing areas where it is needed most.  Through their efforts, thousands now have a healthy future.  A $20 donation to their cause can provide fresh, clean drinking water to one person for 20 years.

Jerry Disch